If you want to laugh for over an hour straight and have something to be laughing about, so people don’t think you losing it upstairs when they see you you laughing to yourself for no reason, then I am suggesting you watch Why Him and if you have, go back, watch it again and laugh again. It never hurts to laugh (I don’t think that’s true because you can have stomach ache from laughing too much, if you don’t believe me, get someone to tickle you). You can never not laugh when James Franco is in a movie, I dare you to try.

Like every dad out there, finding out your baby girl is dating can be quite scary, I hear but finding out she is dating someone like Laird Mayhew can be a nightmare and this is true for Stephanie’s dad. Even though he didn’t know who Laird was, he’s first impression of him was enough to scare the dad.

Who meets their future in laws like this? You ask. Laird, Laird Mayhew does. Believe me, this isn’t the worst part of the introduction. I’m sure you thinking it can’t possibly get worse. Well.. It gets worse.

Yeah, he got a tattoo on his back of a family he hasn’t met before. As you’ve imagined, it was weird for the family, even the girlfriend was shook, she definitely did not see that coming. I can’t just imagine what would be going through my mind if I see someone that has my face tattooed on their body without meeting me first, it would be crazy.

Even the food in this movie makes me laugh, you are wondering how can food make you laugh, well it can when the chef tells you he is serving Surf and Turf and you go there expecting steak and lobster only for him to open up the food and he tells you that his version of surf and turf is edible soil and plankton foam.

It looked something like this??, just smaller and already on a spoon.

The dinner scene was one of my favorite in this movie. One of my favorite lines was when Laird was telling the parents that eh and Stephanie made love on the third date, “She opened up like a flower, you should have seen it.” No parent wants to see that Laird.

I also love the part where Stephanie’s brother was eating and talking and the dad said, “Shut Up and eat your paper” because they were eating edible newspaper. I do not understand modern food.

Don’t go thinking Laird is the only weird one, even the girls parents are weird and funny. I’m sure that’s why the dad did not like him that much at first because he prolly sees a younger version of himself.

After dinner and the toilet scene are also favorite scenes of mine, I have so many favorite scenes ?. If I begin to mention them, I’m gonna be mentioning the whole movie.

I love every part of this movie, there is no boring scene and you are sure to laugh every step of the way, from the beginning to the very end.


You all should go online and get this movie, whether you download it or stream it is up to you, just watch it and come back to leave your thought on it. Thanks.

Love ?.


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