I don’t really carry bags that much but I love bags especially backpacks and small bags. I love, love them. I have read several posts on ‘What’s in my bag’, so I thought it would be fun to do one of my own. So let’s begin:


I do my make up sometimes before leaving the house but most of the time, I do it while in the road so much so that I have gotten so used to it. I can draw my eyebrows, line my eyes and put on mascara in a moving vehicle without hurting myself or smudging it. I think of it as a gift. Even if I do my make up at home, I still carry my lipstick, mascara and powder with me for a touch up. ?



I always have my earpiece with me at all times and it’s usually the first thing I put in my bag whenever I’m getting ready because as much as I love my earpiece, I tend to forget to carry it whenever I’m going out, this is due to the fact that I’m definitely using it the night before. After a few times, I decided to always put it in my bags the night before I go out. I guess it’s true what they say, “Once beaten, twice shy” (you know I never understood that phrase until recently).



I know it’s pretty weird but I have a nail file in my bag because why not? Come on, you never know when you’ve gotta file your nails. I’m not a girly girl but no one wants to walk around with a chipped or broken nail.



I would hate to get stranded while out so I make sure to always have my credit card with me. Besides you never know when you gonna find that cute top or a nice pair of jeans or sunglasses that you’d wanna get. If I’m not with my credit card, I’m with cash. I also think it makes sense to have credit card with you because anything can happen and you wouldn’t wanna be without money.




It’s another weird thing I carry in my bag. As a natural curled hair lady, I need a comb to tame my mane but using a wide tooth comb or brush doesn’t always work on some hair styles like twist out but a rat tail comb works all the time on all hairdo. If I’m not with a rat tail comb, I carry an afro comb.



I put my chargers in my bags too because I use my phone a lot and would love to get to charge it if it gets low.



I go everywhere with a notebook and a pen so it’s always in my bag. You never know when you gonna get hit by a train of inspiration and it would hurt if you forget it so I make sure to carry a notebook with a pen so as to wrote such inspiration and ideas down. Like this post, I wrote it down first before typing it. I have a bug and small notebook so they can fit into any bag I carry.

So there you go, these are the things I have in my bag right now, as of writing this post. Keep in mind that they do change depending on the occasion but these are generally the things you’d find in my bag. I would have added my phone to the list but that is obviously obvious. I don’t think anyone in this 21st century leaves their home without their phone.

I would love to know what y’all carry in your bags as well, that is, if you love carrying bags.



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