I’m one of those people that believe it’s bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other on their wedding day, that is, before the ceremony.

If you are not one of them, I’ve got three series to support this hypothesis. I know… I know… Television isn’t really a good backbone for an argument but I don’t think that’s true.

Anyways… We’ve got Wedding Bells!!! ?

I know, I’m as excited as you are. I absolutely love everything about weddings: the gowns especially the bride’s, the tuxedos, the flowers, the settings, the decorations, the ceremony, everything is always beautiful whether in a small or big wedding.

And I love that we got to see lots of weddings in the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy (season 14,episode 24). We finally got to see Joe and Alex get married and it was a wonderful mess as one would have guessed. Give it to Shonda to mix a wedding, a dead guy, a surgery and an allergic reaction together. I know it sounds like a recipe for disaster but it ended well and at the end of it all there were three weddings: Alex and Joe, April and Matthew and some other couple introduced at the beginning of the episode ☺.

It was also befitting that Mere was the one who married Alex and Joe especially after her finding out that Alex, her person, might leave because of a fellowship Joe got. I wonder how that is gonna play out next season. I don’t want Alex to leave because if there is anyone who as grown as a character the most on the show its Alex.

Another disaster wedding we got to see that turned out to be great at the end is Jake and Amy’s in the season finale (season 5, episode 22). Their wedding was bound to not go as planned but a bomb threat which led to the cancelation of the whole wedding was just amazing.

Leave it to Boyle to make sure Jake and Amy have a wonderful wedding and not just end up getting married at city hall, which according to Amy is were people also go to get restraining orders.

Boyle went beyond my imagination in the impromptu wedding he put together, it was a beautiful decoration. Besides, guess where the wedding took place? The entrance of the 99th Precinct ❤.

I also love their vows and I find it amazing how this actors and actresses are able to portray a loving couple so much that you’d think they are actually couples in real life. It’s amazing and I think we don’t give them credit enough for the jobs they do.

The last disaster wedding we got to see was Nick and Jess’. They should have listened and not seen each other on their wedding much less slept with each other because their wedding started with Jess wearing a patch and Nick losing his job ?. The whole thing went further down hill when Jess got high and Russell asked her not to marry Nick but marry him.

Ally went into labor and Nick got into a weird fight with Russell over Jess. Needless to say the wedding happened at the hospital which was perfect knowing the people. They are, according to Schmidt, a circus.

My verdict on all the weddings? Beautiful but then again like I said earlier I love weddings and I might be a little bit partial ?.


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