I recently made a big, huge, dare I say massive lifestyle change. I, wait for it, transitioned to my natural roots. Transitioning has been the happiest, most boring, beautiful, longest months of my life. I didn’t know 6 months could feel so long, it makes me wonder, ‘how do people transition for a year or more’. It felt like the months couldn’t drag any slower.

Good thing my hair wasn’t so long so the transition was faster for me and I must say, I don’t miss my relaxed hair at all. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate relaxing my hair, I had some very good hair days and some bad days but now not having to think about the chemicals in the relaxer destroying my hair is so so relieving.

I got to learn so many protective hairstyles during the transitioning months, my favorite and go to style was the two cornrows braids, it was simple and easy to do and I could wear it anywhere. I also learnt to style my scarfs in various ways, they are great for when you too lazy to style your hair.

The day I fully transitioned was a very happy day, I was like…. finally! It’s over. I’d rather be in the awkward stage of being natural and spend months growing it out than transition. Dealing with two different hair textures was a hassle.

Dealing with my hair texture is another struggle, my mum doesn’t like going near my hair because if it stays exposed to air for too long, it gets hard but I still love my hair and it’s coily texture.


Moisturizing is important when dealing with hair, I learnt the L.O.C method. I also make sure to wash my hair everyday with water alone if I don’t have time to condition. I noticed that the constant washing keeps my hair moisturized and also very clean.

Going natural is something I do not regret but I also know it’s not for everybody, my mum says there is nothing that would make her go natural. If you do decide to go natural, learn to be patient because you are just rediscovering your hair so there might be some trial and error. Just learn from the mistake and don’t give up.


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