We all know we have some very hot, handsome guys in television series. in case you’ve forgotten, here is an appreciation post. brace yourselves, these guys are hmmm… We’ve got LUCAS TILL *cue clapping* JARED PADALECKI!! JENSEN ACKLES!!! MISHA COLLINS AMELL JENSEN, JARED AND MISHA BEN FELDMAN MISHA LUCAS THAT’S IT FOR THE APPRECIATION POSTS EVERYONE!!! *jazzhands*



    I love Supernatural. It’s one of my favorite series ever. It’s a show about Angels, Demons, Ghost, Heaven, Hell, even Time Travel. I mean what’s not to love. Besides the main characters are pretty hot which is definitely a bonus. *wink wink* 😉 😉   Supernatural is a show about two brothers, Sam and Dean who are codependent on each other. So if you love a good bromance, that’s another reason to check out this show Another reason I love this show is their ability of the cast to add comedy to a serious movie. its not all the time you can see a show where the stars behave like normal…