Picture this: Sam and Dean get hexed by a witch and escapes but nothing happens to them immediately. Sam wants them to find more about the witch’s spell but Dean plays it off saying it’s nothing since nothing happened to them that the witch probably mixed up the spell or said it so as to escape. They go back to their motel room and everything is fine until the very next day and Dun! Dun!! Dun!!! they wake up in each other’s body ?.

Dean would wake up in Sam’s body, go to the bathroom but keep hitting his leg because of the added inches to his height. He wants to brush his teeth, looks in the mirror and shouts “SAM, What the hell!!!!”. Sam wakes up walks to the bathroom and comes face to face with his body. Looks in the mirror and sees Dean, gives Dean a pointed look as if to sag “Still think the hex didn’t work?”. Dean leaves the bathroom, packs his bag and tells Sam they are going to look for the witch. He plans on walking out and trips again leading to a series of rather loud cusses.

What do you think? They would be loads of funny moments especially when Sam’s body is driving the impala but Dean is actually driving it. Dean would also complain about Sam putting healthy salad and smoothies in his body while Sam would complain about all the steak and burgers Dean is eating  but Dean would say, “I’m doing your body a favor, you’re welcome” and then take another bite causing Sam to cringe.


Sam would order salad and Dean would look him straight in the eyes and say, “No”. Orders bacon and pancake for him and says, “You’re not putting tofu in my body” when the waiter or waitress goes. Sam would not allow Dean go out at night to meet any ladies because he his wearing his body.

I think such an episode would be fun and hopefully they do one like this in the future.

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