Shoes, Sandals and Sunglasses in my book are a necessity for a wonderful, stress free, heat free and comfortable summer. Shoes and Sandals are in the first page of said book.

Shoes are necessary for those who have to go to work during the summer or for those who, like myself, just love shoes. There are times when I prefer to wear shoes either block heels (which I prefer to thin heels), platforms, miles, espadrilles or flatforms to Sandals because my feet looks weird on Sandals at times and I don’t know why.

My personal favorite footwear for the summer is and always will be slide sandals because comfort comes first to me when dressing up and this type of sandals are always comfortable and are literally the easiest footwear to put on next to mules. You just have to slide into them, get it? ?

I absolutely love sandal except from when they make my feet look weird then I don’t absolutely love them anymore. Right now, I am loving these espadrilles style shoes mostly because of the visible sewed threads by the sides and their unique soles ( see me talking like a fashion critic) ?.



I know some people prefer to wear heels all the time even during the summer because they feel most comfortable in them, espadrilles, mules and sandals all come in platforms, flatforms, wedges and block heels, they are comfortable and also give you that extra inches. So for people who prefer heels, YAY! ?

There is no need to explain why sunglasses are a necessity for summer. If you don’t live in a cave like Gollum from Lord of the Rings then you are most definitely going to need  sunglasses to combat the sun of the summer. So just go online or go to a store and get yourself as many sunglasses as you possibly can, remember to make them stylish ??

My favorite sunglasses right now are these matrix glasses ??.

P. S: Do not forget your flip-flops for beach day.

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