I love summer: the sun, the heat, the ice creams, the beach, the clothes, the clear sky, the tan. I especially love summer clothes. The colors and the patterns are always so beautiful and bright.

Summer is almost here and you all should get your summer shopping going. The first thing on your list should be clothes especially rompers.

I love rompers. Whether they are tight or free, they are the best and make for wonderful summer wear. Pair them with the right accessories and you are good to go. Don’t forget, the minimal the accessories, the better. Same goes for your makeup.


Florals are the pattern of the season so if you don’t have any floral clothes, if you love flowers, this is your opportunity to wear as many as you possibly can. If you don’t have any floral clothing, get them. Floral rompers are cute but then any cloth with floral on it is cute.



No matter the color, a floral pattern romper is always beautiful and casual looking. You can wear it to hang out with friends, to go sight seeing in a new town and to even go on dates ?.

“How is it possible to make rompers cuter?” They asked.

“Let’s had a skirt round it.” 

Ladies and gentlemen, that is how this cute rompers came to live.

Yellow is the color of the season, it definitely brightens the mood and makes everything lively. Combining a playful color and free cloth together is just genius. The best part is that yellow looks good on everybody.

Lacey rompers are as cute as any other type of rompers. So, if you are a lover of lace, you should definitely go get lace rompers and rock them

Stripe rompers are super cute especially with the mixture of the the eight color and they make beautiful summer wear. 

Remember that wear the right accessories and makeup is also key to looking good. You don’t want to be walking down the street and people keep staring at you and not in the good way.

Don’t let anyone tell you you don’t look good in a romper, everyone looks good in a romper no matter your size or color. So if you want to wear a romper this summer, go get one and rock it as much as you want regards of what people say. You know why? Because people would always talk no matter what you are putting on. So why not look good while they talk.

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