It’s that time of the year again when you can wear as many hats and caps as you possibly can, from Floppy, Straw hats to Visors, Panama and Face caps. Visors are one of my personal favorite types of cap. I really don’t have any reason for loving them, I just do. Next to them are face caps, either denim, floral, faux leather or just normal ones.

Who else is a fan of cabby caps, they are so cute and I love that bakers boy or newsies look they give. They have really come a long way in the fashion world. With the right clothing and accessories, they can be worn on any occasion this summer. Although they give more of a casual look than otherwise, I think they can be worn anywhere with the right accessories.

Panama, Fedora, Straw and Floppy hats are also goto hats for me during this sunny season. They are the perfect hats for a beach day and for having brunch with your girls.

The bags for this season are either belt bags or fanny packs because they are lightweight and you legit don’t have to carry them or shoulder/ crossbody bags. If you want something bigger, you can opt for a backpack, a tote or a straw bag.

Get your hats, caps and bags, even headbands ready for this summer and make it as fun filled as you can.

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