So many series I watch got canceled lately which makes me sad, *cue sad face* 🙁 . Some almost made me cry like, The Brave, Taken, Alex Inc., The Librarians, The Mick and Life Sentence, even Adventure Time (a cartoon) but a show that I’m actually happy that got canceled is SCORPION. I know, I know, you guys wanna get me but hear me out first.

The main reason I’m happy about this cancellation is the relationship between Paige and Walter. The show introduced us to Walter, the genius who doesn’t understand human emotions, he says only the facts of things regardless of how insulting it is, and that’s what drew me to the show but all that began to change when Paige and Walter started dating. I’m not against Walter changing emotionally for Paige, it’s called character development which I kind of enjoyed for a while.

I was enjoying the relationship that took us years to get, it wasn’t perfect but it was sweet and loving and then they had to ruin the whole thing and by they I mean the writers. come on, why would they introduced the genius, chemist girl next door. It would have been so much better, borderline perfect if they had introduced her when Paige was dating someone else like Tim and then she would be jealous of the two of them but getting Paige and Walter together finally after almost three seasons only to bring a genius girl out of nowhere to spoil the whole relationship is just crazy and annoying.

It all began to get on my nerve in that episode (season 4, episode 12) where Walter was unconscious and dreamt that he was married… I mean married to Florence. just WHY???? The episode where Walter lied to Paige that a program he wanted to go see was canceled because Paige did not want to go, only for him to go with Florence, the genius girl also pissed me off. I hated that ?

Are the writers trying to tell us that the man who would always say the facts no matter what suddenly began to lie to the love of his life? He then started spending late nights with Florence instead of the supposed girl he had always wanted.

Are the writers also trying to say that throughout Walters life, he hasn’t met a fellow genius girl he could have dated before Paige? Didn’t he meet Happy in a conference, was she the only girl there? I say they brought Florence to cause drama and that caused them the whole show.

Please note that I’m not against Florence as a character, I wish they had just made her fall in love with Sly and not let her mess with Paige and Walter. I think that was a mistake on the writers part and it probably contributed to the end of the show because ratings dropped.

I’m sorry the show got canceled but also weirdly happy that it did. I love TV drama but the drama they were bringing was just annoying and unnecessary.


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