This post is by wonderful, beautiful sister, Ebunoluwani. I love you.

Hey Guys! I just finished watching this amazing series, all three seasons of it and I must say it’s one of the best medical series I have ever seen, next to Grey’s Anatomy and Chicago Meds.

The series shows the level of chaos – code black – that the Angel Memorial Hospital California is daily. The average hospital is usually in code black 5 times yearly, but Angels Memorial is on code black 3—times every year! Can you imagine that!? That is almost every day in the year. Code black is a situation where the critical patients in the hospital is way more that the medical hands available; thereby causing overworking of medical hands. According to – (the main character) when the level of chaos is more than the medical hands available, the hands give more than usual. It’s no news that the doctors, nurses and residents are amazing at their jobs, because they can connect with their patients and feel what they feel.
We don’t only get to see the characters in the hospital; we have a front row seat in their personal lives. Now we know that nothing is as sweet as romance in a hospital – go see Grey’s Anatomy if you aren’t sure – and you can trust me when I say that there are all doses of romance in this series. From the romance that made the lovers resign because it was against Hospital policies, to the hidden romance, to the crush that ended with the life of one of the ‘crushers’, to the romance that ended when one of the lovers lost the fight to cancer, to the romance that wasn’t admitted until a near death experience and on and on. The writers introduced as many characters as they killed – from the beautiful Indian lesbian, to our favorite celebrity resident to the extremely smart surgeon resident, to the Chief of ER and many others. This series is definitely a roller-coaster of emotions.
We learnt the importance of family and togetherness. We also learnt that as much as blood makes family, love builds family. This is a series that I’ll be watching over and over again.

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