I love, love, loves quizzes especially ones that reveal personalities or which movie character I am or what Hogwarts house I belong to and so on. Some of them are spot on while some are just a flop but I’m fine with it. My favorite place to get quizzed is Buzzfeed, I even have their app ? (so proud of myself right now). Anywho … These are some of the quizzes I took recently courtsey of Buzzfeed (Duh ?)!!! I am considering whether or not I should put up my own results ?. If I don’t, I’d write a follow up post to show my results. Let’s begin.


Eat Your Way Through Disney World And We’ll Reveal Your Personality Type:




How Many Exclamation Points Are You? http://How Many Exclamation Points Are You?:


RESULT: Three Exclamation Marks !!!

This is a random picture that has nothing to do with the post but I’m putting it in because dogs are cute so deal with it?


Rate Your Satisfaction With These Images To Find Out Your Introvert/Extrovert Percentage:


RESULT: 40% Introvert / 60% Extrovert

Here’s another one


Pick 10 Expensive Shoes And We’ll Tell You Which Riverdale Character You Are:


RESULT: Veronica. Yay!!!

And another


Build A Celebrity Family And We’ll Tell You What Your Best Trait Is:


RESULT: I Got Confidence!

That would be all for now. I’d hopefully post more test I take in the future.

P. S: All test above are from Buzzfeed and I am in no way taking credit for any of it. ?

Okay, so now that that is settled, I’d see you all in the next post. Bye ❤️.


I have something else for you guys….

Wait for it……



It’s PENGUINS!!! Don’t ask me why.

They are so cute ?. Now you can go ?. Bye for real.

Oh wait there’s more!!



Just kidding… See you all later ❤️.


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