Wow, just wow! You know when I first saw the trailer of this new show, I liked the idea and concept quite alright but I wasn’t too sure. I know you wondering why, it’s because series that start with a straight forward story line tend to get canceled or rounded up. Series like that are best made into a movie instead. For example Beyond The Truth, it’s a series about a big shot lawyer trying to find out what is making a group of girls sick and it turns out is due chemicals in the ground which leads to a deeper conspiracy. I wasn’t surprised when the series ended after the first season, it’s common for series like that to get canceled. There is no room for other story lines to come in and so after the end of that season, what interested people in the first place is gone and everything falls apart, sometimes, people begin to ignore the series. I mean, after they find what made the kids sick, what else, what would the next season be about? and if they decide to continue that same story line in the following season, that would legit be worse.

Only a few shows make this kind of arrangement work and I am not talking about anthologies. One of such series is Stranger Things. The first and second seasons of Stranger Things tackle different but intertwined story line and it all makes sense. Big Little Things also seems like a show that would turn out to make sense when the second season premieres and I make this assessment because the first season was bomb and they left a opening that would lead to a better second season. Well enough about that, we are talking about Manifest. Is it early I like this show? I agree, it’s too early seeing that only one episode as aired.

That episode is enough for me to want to tune in next week to see what happens next. For those who don’t know the story line, Manifest is about a group of random people who boarded a plane because the first one they booked was oversold and a reward was given to those who would take a later flight to New York. Are you with me so far? Well this people boarded the flight and there is a turbulence which doesn’t last five minutes maybe ten, then it all clears up and they finally land after getting rerouted but something isn’t right. When they landed, everyone was told to get off at the tarmac, there are ambulances and police everywhere. What’s going on? Turns out they had landed five years later, people. five freaking years later. That is, the flight that takes a few hours took them five fudging years but to those on the flight, time passed normally, it was only a few hours for them. We talking about a travel from Jamaica to New York.


Now why do I love this show? It’s because I have no idea what is happening. The people on the flight are beginning to develop what I think is superpowers, okay, maybe not superpowers but powers nonetheless. I think everyone has the same powers but I can’t be too sure, the series just started. The show hasn’t set anything in stone yet, there is a probability the show turns out to be crap and eventually get canceled or it turns out to be great. I wonder if the writers are going to lean towards these things happening because of aliens, science experiment of whether its just going to be a horror. I don’t know but I intend to find out and don’t worry, I would put you guys in the loop.

Till then, just go watch Manifest and keep up. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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