Ok, so Charmed is a new series that I am definitely going to follow. I already love the characters especially the sister bond they have. As I have come to know, there as been a Charmed series that aired in the late 90s, and that this new one is a reboot. I didn’t see the first one but I like this one. I like that the girls like each other, that the series is not going to be about them finding a common ground and bonding or about them trying their best to work together, always arguing and fighting. Seeing as this is a reboot of a show that did so well and lasted long, I am eager to see where this show goes. I might not have watched O.G charmed but I’m definitely gonna watch this.

P.S: There are spoilers below, do not scroll if you haven’t watched the pilot episode but if you, like me, don’t mind spoilers and even weirdly like them, then be my guest and scroll away.  

Charmed tells the story of three sisters, two of whom grew up together and the third just came into their lives. Mel and Maggie lost their mum unexpectedly and their relationship suffered cause of that. During a heated argument, Macy, the unknown older sister showed up on their doorstep. Mel wasn’t so welcoming of the new sister which is understandable. After the unfriendly meeting, they all began exhibiting special powers, apparently they are witches and didn’t know. Harry, who calls himself a Whitelighter, kidnaps them and tells them this.

I didn’t trust Harry from the get go. I don’t trust anyone who smiles a lot when you first meet them, they creep me out and I find them very suspicious just like I do, Harry. This was kind of confirmed when their “mother” from the other side, told them not to trust Harry. I kept mother in quote because it might not be their mum communicating with them and I could be wrong about Harry too. I’m still gonna be suspicious of him till the story proves otherwise. Even if he is good to the girls for a long long time and teaches them a lot, I would still be suspicious. He seemed way too eager and even more excited than the girls to find out they have powers. I do really hope he is a good guy.

I know lots of people do not like this reboot because it is different from the previous one which is totally understandable. Like I said earlier, I haven’t seen the other one so I can’t say I know the difference, I have read about them but I can’t confirm that but this one I have watched, I like. I’m sure most people would like it too if they just give it a chance and do not compare the two shows. A reboot of a show can not live up to his predecessor, it can never be or feel the same as the one you first saw and love, there would always be changes and rather than comparing the two shows and seeing what you do not like, why not try watching the show as if you are seeing it for the first time. Hawaii five 0 was rebooted and as my mum as told me, this new one is different from the last one she used to watch when she was growing up, for one, Kono was played by a male character and now a female played the role. I know it’s not the same but it just goes to show that just because something is different doesn’t means it’s bad.

A reboot can never be the same, if it was going to be the same series, they would just continue the old series, just like Will and Grace did rather than calling it a reboot. Don’t compare just watch and then decide you don’t like it, don’t decide because it is different from what you used to watch. To those of us who didn’t watch the original charmed, this new one is just about three sisters who just found out they are witches and fight supernatural beings like demons and have a super eager, almost seem like he is on too much caffeine, whitelighter. Simple. I hope you all do not compare the shows and just enjoy this new series. If it helps, give the show a new name.

Now unto serious business, during the fight with the cold professor, who else thought he was gonna break once he fell to the ground. I did and was kinda disappointed he didn’t. I was waiting to see him shatter everywhere, its cool he didn’t though, to me, it means the show wouldn’t be predictable.


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