How many of you love comedy as much as I do? If you do then I have one comedy you must definitely check out.

*drum roll* New Girl!!!

New Girl is about a group of weird friends living in Los Angeles. One reason I have so much love for this show is that the comedy was introduced into the show from the very beginning and that comedy was not taken away all through the years the show ran for. I know its sad the series ended but I love the way the show ended. Don’t worry, I’m not giving any spoilers… Yet. This is gonna be a blog about so many spoilers so keep up with your series people.

I’m not an evil person so I am going to warn you before I spoil anything. I promise.

Let me tell you guys some of my favorite episodes in season one. The first would be episode one and I like it because it introduced the cast to us and my favorite cast would be Nick Miller. I have never met a crazy and messed up guy in a series before. you get to know who Nick is going to be in from episode one when he covered his ears and shouted la la la la so as not to hear his girlfriend break up with him which according to him means that if he can’t hear her then the break up is not happening. I know right?

Another character I love is Jessica Day. She’s full of life and color and sees the world different from how everyone else does. This is a perfect illustration of Jess. she went from this:

to this in a matter of seconds:

I also love episode 3 when Jess pretended to be dating Nick so as to make his ex girlfriend jealous in a wedding. I can tell you now that ended badly. My favorite part was when Nick got so drunk that that he moved out of the house and showed Jess his new home, the wedding Photobooth, which in his drunk mind, had a kitchen area, living area and the common area. I have watched that scene like a million times, *cue the eyeroll*  because I exaggerate but I still love that scene and I laugh each time I watch it.

Another funny scene about that episode I love was when Jess creeped a girl out out in the bathroom when she was talking to her while cutting her underwear out with a knife and unknowningly threatening her not to break Schmidt’s heart. The girl was so scared and Jess had no clue what she had just done. she is so naiive and it makes the show perfect.

Let’s stop today here guys, we would talk more about other episdoes of New Girl season one that I find very funny and I think you should check out.

Love you guys.

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