Lately I have been into K-dramas, what started out as something I should do to keep me from getting bored quickly turned into an upward spiral of all things Korean. I absolutely love Korean series. At first it took some getting used to but once you do and find the right series you are golden. Finding the right series is very important, if you don’t chances are you are gonna hate it. I watched a couple of dramas before found one that made me go up the spiral of Korean and that one drama is I Am Not A Robot. That series is funny and interesting and sad at times, lots of feelings.
Another series I watched that I love and I have watched over and over again is Suspicious Partners. I definitely love it more that I do the one above. Why do I love it you ask, it’s because it’s got drama, action, lots of comedy and there is also a psychopath in the midst of all this, I mean what’s not to love. This series is the first time I met Ji Chang-Wook, the main character and I absolutely loved his acting that I watched two other movies of his and they are The Healer which is wonderful and K2 which is also good. Please do note that I love one more than the other. Chang loves action and fighting and that is obvious in the three series that he acted in. So if you are a fan of action and fighting and want to give K-drama a chance, then I recommend these three series.

JI Chang-Wook
Suspicious Partner

Lawless Lawyer is another top Korean series I enjoyed. the title is pretty telling about what the series is about. The series is about a gangster that became a lawyer. Its a must watch for me for those going Korean. Other ones I have watched, enjoyed and definitely recommend are: Switched: Change The World and Strong Woman.

Strong Woman
Lawless Lawyer

I’d love to give you more about these about these series but if I do I might give spoilers away and I realize some people don’t like that so I’m just gonna drop the titles and walk away slowly. I noticed something while watching these Korean series is that some times it begins well but then something happens along the way and it just becomes so boring. I sometimes wonder whether they changed writers before the end of the series. If you worried about the length do know that some of them are very short, mostly 16 episodes long, I have watched some of 32 but the episodes were very short, I have also seen one that was just 13 episodes long, so do know that they vary a lot. Don’t be surprised to find ones of 100 episodes so if you are not a fan of very long episodes, google the series before starting and if you don’t mind the, that’s great, just make sure its an interesting series you picked.

So my thoughts on K-dramas, they are pretty good and interesting especially if you find the right ones to watch and i definitely recommend people watch them. Foreign movies are not common especially when you don’t understand their language but that’s why we have subtitles, download it and enjoy yourself. I hope y’all give it a chance.
Love, Mo.

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