Like you all know, I love love . I love a good love story even though I most of the time hate romantic stories. It’s weird, I know. Okay so recently I saw Grimm’s blooper and it got me thinking about Nick and Adalind’s love story. Long story short, here we are talking about my other favorite TV couples (I find inspiration in the weirdest of places). There are so many TV couples, some I cannot phantom how they got together, others, I absolutely love.

The first on my list is:


 I love love love Nick and Jess, they are a funny couple and it was so hard to say goodbye to this couple but again it made me so happy that we got to see them get married. Finding out Nick had been in love with Jess since we saw her through that window warmed my heart. Nick and Jess are funny together, crazy together and are obviously meant for each other. As much as they had crazy moments together, they had sweat moments like in S3 E15 when they first kissed. Nick wanting their first kiss to be as perfect as can be and not due to a dare was so sweat.



 This is another couple I am absolutely in love with. Yhe joy in my heart when they finally got married. Is it weird that it made me even happier that they got married with Barry and Iris? I think not. When Olicity first broke up after their engagement I was so sad, I cried for days people. They had just finally gotten together only for the writers to take me on an emotional rollercoaster. I guess it happened for the greater good because having them together finally finally is better than the first time. I’m happy they got married, there is no future breakups that hurt me more than they do the characters.



Ames and Jake are another couple that warms my heart. I love this couple, love love them. They compliment each other. Jake is the loud, outgoing, friendly, funny one while Ames is the quiet, nerdy one but they fit each other so well. One thing, I appreciate about them is the lack of a dramatic break up. They got together and stayed together till they got married. That’s the dream. I don’t think anyone wishes to go through a break up.



This duo are the epitome of couple goals, they both have similar career path and they always find ways to help each other out. Dr. Henry McCord (third hottest government spouse), is an ex-marine, he is a Philosophy professor who does covert missions for the U.S govt. by day and a doting husband by night.

Elizabeth McCord (Bess) is the Secretary of State to the U.S govt. and a superhero. The only thing missing is her tight latex pants and cape. Between late night talks, walks in the park, lunch at Elizabeth’s office, raising three children (which are a handful I must say), fighting bad guys and saving the United States of America, these two surely know how to make us jealous. These are definitely the power couple of TV series.

That is all for now people, join your own list of TV couples you love.


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