I hate having the common cold which conflicts with the fact that I love cold. I’m the type of gal who would switch on the fan to the highest when it’s pouring rain outside and also have the AC on or leave the window open. I just love cold places, I love it when everywhere is cold and I have to cover myself with a huge duvet or blanket.

This becomes a problem for me when I have the common cold. Common sense tells me to cover myself up, switch off the fan and close the window but the other irrational part of me would be like “Nah, I’m good” and that ladies and gentlemen is how I get a common cold for a long period of time. I never learn my lesson. What’s sadder about this story is that I sometimes give the cold to my dog and then he returns the favor by giving it back to me. It then becomes a battle of who would keep the cold.

After I have suffered a while and the cold couldn’t ease up on its own I have the remedies I use in standby. Getting the cold all the time would teach you a thing or two about dealing with it, so I decided to share my not o secret with you all. Here goes:



Hot or warm water becomes a friend during this period. I add a drop of silverbird eucalyptus oil into a bucket of hot water, deep my head into the bucket obviously not touching the water, I then cover my head with a towel. The team hitting my face is not nice but it’s worth it because this remedy works.

I also drink warm water with or without salt added when I have a sore throat which I don’t think works for me because I tend to drink cold water immediately after. Told you I haven’t learnt my lesson when it comes to these things. Who drinks cold water while having cold? Answer… Me.



I have a weird love for nasal inhaler. I love that cold, menthol air that runs through my nose. I sometimes use the inhaler even when I don’t have cold. Writing this makes me realize I sound like an addict. I’m not, I just love it so much. Besides it’s effective for the cold. Do you guys think using it when I don’t have a cold is an invite for the cold ?? Nah..




I use ointments especially Robb by PZ whenever I have the cold. I also use it every other night before I go to bed so I don’t get the cold by the time I wake up but I think all the fan and open windows are stronger than the long term effect of the Robb because it does prevent me from getting the cold overnight but I still do get the cold overall, if that makes sense.



As my last resort, I turn to tablets for cold, it causes me to sleep but I don’t mind. I absolutely hate drugs, I prefer injections, so using drugs is my last resort. What I hate more than tablet drugs is syrup or liquid drugs of whatever kind, even the ones that are supposedly ‘sweet’, I absolutely hate, hate them. I think they are disgusting and should be made illegal.



I don’t need to elaborate on this, it’s one of the most important things to do. Get loads of rest so your body would be able to combat the cold.

These are basically my go-to remedies for dealing with the common cold, they are not much but they are definitely effective, trust me. I hope they work for you as well. It’s better to treat it fast so you don’t spread it to others.


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