Two shows I’d love to see crossover into each other is Hawaii Five 0 and Lethal Weapon. “Why hasn’t this happened yet?” That’s the question on your minds right now and truth be told, I’m wondering the same thing. It’s an obvious crossover that should have taken place. Most answers that would come to your mind is their different locations but if MacGyver can crossover to Hawaii then Lethal weapon should too. I don’t know if it’s too late though because of Riggs leaving but who knows, his replacement could be just as crazy. Two nazy Seals and two normal, regular cops. The story basically writes itself, says the non series or movie writer.

I can already imagine Dano feeling extra stressed out when he meets Riggs and Murtaugh saying, “Oh no, there are two of them” and having an ‘heart attack’ when he meets Steve. Dano and Murtaugh would give up on the crazy idea Riggs and Steve come up with, Murtaugh would try persuading them to reconsider while Dano just walks away already knowing they have made up their minds.

Also imagine Lou looking from Riggs to Steve opens his mouth to say something but instead ‘swallows’ his words. I think an episode would have been amazing but then Crawford had to go ahead and be a jerk on set and get himself fired ?. I hope his brother that they are gonna introduce would be as crazy has Crawford’s character, Riggs, was and maybe they could still crossover to Hawaii five 0. Till then.

For now, let me paint you a picture of an episode. Imagine this: Murtaugh has been chasing a man who kills people and smuggles guns into the country but he disappears everytime they get close to him, he always goes off the grid. Murtaugh gets info that the man is currently hiding out on Hawaii. The captain wouldn’t let he and Riggs go because it’s not their jurisdiction, he says he would inform a police captain in Hawaii but that isn’t good enough for Murtaugh because he’s obsessed with catching this man. So, Avery, the captain tells him that he looks stressed and that he has some vacation days he hasn’t used, that he should go for vacation and he doesn’t care where he goes. They get the hint off to Hawaii they go. Arriving in Hawaii, they run into Steve and Dano, who meets them watching their suspect. Not knowing who they are, Dano and Steve decided to go say ‘Hi’ to them. It went has expected.

They found out that Riggs and Murtaugh are also cops and that their surveillance wasn’t sanctioned because they are supposed to be on holiday. During their discussion, the bad guy they are watching who would lead them to the bigger bad guy see them, realizes that they are cops and makes a run for it. Steve and Riggs run after him and they catch him in some navy seal crazy stunt type of way. Cue they rest of the team realizing that they are two of them.

The team eventually find the big boss and want to go into the warehouse where he is hiding with his guns getting loaded on a truck. Danny and Murtaugh tell Steve and Riggs to wait for police back up that they would soon get there because Tani and Junior tell them that they count at least 25 guys inside fully loaded with guns through the thermostat or something and Steve and Riggs go, “You guys are the backup” at the same time. How crazy would that episode be?

The bad guys get caught and everyone goes to eat at Kamekona’s food truck with Riggs and Murtaugh loving his food and tge guys tease themselves and everyone laughs. THE END.

I wish they had done an episode like that or something else, it would have been… wait for it….  legendary. What do you think of a crossover between the two shows and what would you have liked it to be about?


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