If you’ve watched supernatural, vampire diaries and Teen Wolf, then you should definitely watch Grimm. It’s like their little less scary sister. But if you are like my mom ❤, who doesn’t watch ‘scary movies’ you should still watch Grimm because it’s not scary at all but then again I’ve been told that I’m not to be trusted when I say a movie isn’t scary (Love you mum❤). I don’t think Grimm is scary at all and I think Y’all should check it out.

Moving on… One of the reasons I love Grimm is the love story. I know you thinking how can a supposed scary movie have a good love story? First, it’s not scary but do not watch it at night ?. I’m joking or am I? I am, watch it at any time of the day, it’s not like you gonna have nightmares about the movie if you watch it at the darkest hour of the day??.

Moving on from the previous moving on, I love Nick and Adalind’s relationship. In case you wondering, why does this girl like this characters relationship? If you’d just stop thinking and read on you’d find out.

So… Adalind was the first wesen Nick would see as a Grimm and guess when he saw her, on the day he was gonna propose to his now expired girlfriend (I read somewhere that ex means expired and I have not stopped using it, it’s such a mean word to use: “that is my expired boyfriend”). As you’ve guessed, that proposal didn’t take place until much later and guess what, the babe said no.

Finding out Adalind was a witch or an hexenbiest, according to the series, who tried to kill him and his aunt, he didn’t hesitate to take her powers later on in the series and also her daughter and she repayed him by taking his Grimm away.

Taking the Grimm away was an opportunity for Nick and Juliette, his girlfriend to live a normal life but he didn’t want that instead he wanted his grimm back and he was pissed it was taken away from him. Guess who had to do give him his Grimm back? I’m sure you guessed Adalind, right? *buzzer* WRONG. It was Juliette, she had to look like Adalind though which was weird because Adalind took his powers away by looking like Juliette and sleeping with Nick and now it must be reversed by Juliette looking like Adalind and sleeping with Nick. This was weird for them as you can imagine.

Hope you understood that because there is more drama; Adalind gets pregnant for Nick while Juliette became a freaking hexenbiest *Dun Dun Duuuunnnnnn*!

The whole hexenbiest, pregnancy thing was a big shock to us too, Adalind ?. I for one did not see that coming, happy it happened though but did not see it coming.

I wanted Nick and Adalind to get together weirdly from the very beginning so I was very happy that Adalind got pregnant and started loving with Nick because Juliette wanted to kill her for obvious reasons and it was made easier for Juliette to kill Adalind because the team were able to suppress the hexenbiest in her. They wanted to test the suppressant before giving it to Juliette who as expected threw it away.

Anyways…. Nick ended up with Adalind even though she became a witch again (the suppressant wore off) and Juliette became normal again (she got healed of the hexenbiest).

I wouldn’t have expected Nick to end up with Juliette even though she was back to normal because, one, Adalind his the mother of his child who he jow loves and two, Juliette did loads of damage while she was an hexenbiest (she tricked Nick’s mum and killed her leaving her head in a box for Nick to find).

Nick and Adalind are one of my favorite series couple ❤. I love their love.


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