I love fall mostly because it’s a month other than winter where wearing sweaters and cardigans is OK. It’s sweater season and I am happy because I love a good sweater and when I say a good sweater, I mean a big, loose one. I always feel tightened and suffocated when I wear fitted sweaters so I opt for a bigger, freer ones instead. Why wear something you are not comfortable in, right? Apart from sweaters, I think I am in love with the other fall fashion trends. They all look awesome and so I decided to put together a list of this fall trends I love the most.




These are definitely number one for me because like I said earlier I love a good sweater. I don’t get bored with them because they come in different colors and designs. For those in love with distress wears, there are distressed sweaters for you. I know you are thinking, “That’s is awesome”, I know, it is awesome.

Don’t get me started on sweater dresses. I’m not one to pick a dress over a skirt, short or even trousers but I think that’s gonna change for a sweater dress. Cardigans are sweaters with buttons in front. Listen to me explain that, I feel so smug and knowledgeable even though I just learnt that last night but that is not the point. the point is that I know stuff too and now you do. so if you are not a fan of sweaters, get yourselves a sweater with an open front i.e a cardigan this fall, they are equally as amazing.




I have always been indifferent about plaids, I don’t love them nor do I hate them but that’s changed because for this fall, I am all about plaids. I absolutely love them when they are used in bags and matching suits. they also look good in power suits and coats. So get your plaid on this season.

P.S: I think everyone can look good in a plaid so long you accessorize well and wear it with confidence.




I’m sorry to every animal right person out there but I am one of those people you all probably don’t like because of my love for animal prints. I love these prints in whatever form they come in be it bags, shoes, boots or coats. I think they are super cute. At least one pair of the listed above should be gotten this fall, it’s a must. If you don’t want the real deal, you could always get the synthetic animal prints.

P.S: I too am an animal lover even though I love animal prints.




I know I mentioned it earlier but power blazers are a must for a working girl this season. The double breasted, shoulder padded, 80’s look is so chic. I am in love with this look and I must say, we ladies do look more powerful than we already are in these blazers.



Midi lengths are making waves this fall. From skirts to gown, midi lengths are a must have this autumn. Midi skirts and gowns can be paired with power suits, they can be layered and worn for any occasion depending on your accessory, you can down wear them if you wanna go casual.



We all know denim is a wear for fall so go get those jeans you shoved to the back of your closets because of summer, its time for them to come out to play and if you are looking for new jeans, make sure to get the perfect jean. Who doesn’t love a good jean that fits perfectly? No one I tell you but finding that right jeans that lasts and is perfect is not easy but once you do, it’s a must wear this fall.

There are so many denim jeans to chose from. I mean we have side stripe jeans, side slit ones, wide leg jeans, ripped boyfriend jeans, straight leg jeans, logo jeans which is a favorite of mine and so on. so many options. You could also go denim jacket wise too, so many options from there too.

There are still so many other trends like western boots, Sherpa jackets, glossy outfits and fringe jackets. Do not be afraid to go all out in your look this fall. color blocking is also back, give that a try. I think everyone can pull off that look. Remember to finish your look with confidence, it’s important.

Dress for yourselves more importantly and not for others this fall. Make sure YOU are happy with whatever you choose to wear.

Love, Mo.

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