One of my top movies of all time is 2017 Everything, Everything. I’m not one to re-watch a movie, it weirds me out mostly because I already know how it’s gonna end so why subject myself to watching it all over again? What makes this mindset of mine even weirder is that I love spoilers. I know… I know, you wondering what kind of a person I am. I love knowing what gonna happen at the end of a movie before I watch that movie but then I don’t like to repeat movies because I know how it ends. I’m sure some of you are shaking your heads right now. ?


Everything, Everything is a movie I love so much so that I repeat it. That should show how amazing the movie is. This is the love story of two teenagers, a girl who is so sick that she can never leave her house and the cute boy next door.

As it’s often said, love makes you do crazy things and it made Maddy do something so crazy, she left the house. Maddy was the kind of girl with a very vivid imagination but I suppose that’s to be expected if you’ve never seen anything else apart from the four walls of your house for eighteen years.

One of the reasons I love this movie is Maddy’s call to Olly, take the picture below for example, they are both in their various homes but she’s imagining that he is sitting right in front of her and just talking. It’s cool.

Maddy is a shy girl which is expected from someone who hasn’t spoken to anyone else except her nurse, her only friend who is the nurse’s daughter and her mom.

Because she met Olly and fell for him, she decided to go to Hawaii with him, according to her, it’s to go see the beaches but I think it’s because she wanted to get as far  from her mum as possible.

What better place to go when running from home than an Island. So she bought two plane tickets with the credit card she got online which according to her are pretty easy to get.

The development of the love between them is so sweet and beautiful and worth envying expect for the part that she is sick and that the boy is from an abusive home.

I just love the story of the beautiful wide eyed girl leaving home for the first time and seeing the world around her for the first time and the boy who finally found a home in her, a home that isn’t filled with sadness, tears, shouting and beating.

When I first heard of the movie, I didn’t want to watch it because I thought it was going to be a sad, depressing story. No one wants the story of a sick girl falling in love with a boy and then finding out that she wasn’t sick after all just that her mum wanted her to be home at all time and so lied to her daughter but I am so happy I got so bored that I watched the movie.

One of my favorite part would be when she was ‘stalking’ Olly on the internet and her nurse asked her what she was up to, she said she was watching cat video. The nurse drew out a sit and said she wanted to watch too and Maddy couldn’t think of anything else to say than that the cat died. I know, I’m shaking my head too.

Anyways…. I hope you get to watch this movie, even if it’s not recent, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good movie and If you’ve watched it, be like me and watch it again ?.

Comment your favorite scene(s) from the movie. I have so many it would take another blog post to mention them all. Maybe I should do that ?.


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