Sunny dresses follow bikinis on my clothes for the summer. Summer dresses are so breezy, fun looking and beautiful. I love them. I basically love all summer clothes, the heat is always crazy during the summer and wearing breezy, light dresses make the heat bearable.

If wearing bikini everywhere was acceptable, that’s what everyone would be doing including myself but since it’s not, we are stuck with beautiful summer dresses.

Floral are my favorite patterns for summer which is ironic because I’m not a big fan of flower gardens. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love flowers especially the their smell and color, they are so beautiful which just tells me that God is beautiful. I love florals in all kind of dresses be-it trapeze, maxi, A-line, shift, flare or wrap, I absolutely love floral.


Another pattern I love for summer wear is polkadot and stripes. I think they are so cute no matter what style they come in, off shoulder, plunge or maxi.

I don’t really have loads of white clothes because I’m not a big fan of white but for the summer I would absolutely rock a white dress because they do not absorbe heat and they are so cute and chic.

Yellow is the color of the sun so it makes sense that’s it she color for summer. You know, growing up makes you see thing differently. Growing up, I didn’t like the color yellow no matter how it’s used but now I can’t get enough of that color no matter the shade it comes in. Orange is also a beautiful color for this summer.

These are my favorite summer dresses. What are your favorite look for summer dress wise?

Happy Summer ?

Love, Reci?


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