What do you guys think about TV series crossovers?

I personally love them. I love series as I’m sure you guys must have guessed by now and I even love them more when they bring together series I love. One of my favorites crossovers is the episodes Earth X from Arrow, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow and Supergirl. Imagine all your favorite superheroes all together under one roof for a wedding (Iris and Barry) and then the bad guys show up and guess what? The villains are doppelgangers of Oliver and Supergirl. It was epic and awesome. You should definitely check it out if you haven’t.

Well.. today, I’m gonna be talking about a crossover I wish had taken place, I use the word “had” because one of the shows got canceled recently. The shows that I wish got a chance to crossover is MACGYVER and SCORPION.


I know you thinking, why the heck did this not happen? I support that thought. How hard would it have been to do put those two shows together. I mean both team live in Los Angeles and they both work for the government. I would have loved if a case would have brought them together. If MacGyver can go all the way to Hawaii to crossover with Hawaii Five 0, why couldn’t they have crossed over with Scorpion that stays in Los Angeles with them. I know you thinking MacGyver mostly works overseas, well so those Scorpion.

I can just imagine an episode where Maddie calls the team and tell them they have a case in, lets say, Peru but because of the severity of the case (they would come up with something important), they have to work with another government agency, here go, Scorpion. I can imagine Jack wondering who the team is and saying something funny/weird when he realizes they are geniuses like Mac.

I think Mac would have gotten along well with all of them especially Walter and Happy. He would have gotten along so well with Happy because he builds things out of nothing which Happy would appreciate since she’s an engineer, he would also have gotten along with Walter because he’s a genius as well and knows a thing or two about Electrical engineering, Physics, Biology and also Chemistry, which would go well with Walter.

Riley and Sly would get along too because they are both hackers. Sly would be better at math but Riley would be faster on the keyboard. I can just see Jack asking if Paige is single while also getting along with Gabe because they are both military. Gabe would also respect Mac because not only is he a genius, he was also in the army diffusing IEDs. I think the presence of Mac would have given Paige some hope that she can help the guys reach some level of EQ.

Bozer and Toby would be cool together because Bozer is cool with everyone that doesn’t shoot him same goes for Toby, besides they both talk a lot which would be perfect.


What do you think, would you have wanted this crossover, yay or nay? Leave a Comment below.

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