When I hear the word overalls, what comes to mind is thick jeans with buckles that are so painful when you hit yourself with it (talking from experience) but the truth is overalls have come a long way from that, they are way more stylish and sexy now. When a lady or a guy wears overall, they are no longer shunned by society for not being ‘up to date’ in the fashion trend which is pretty cool. Just like every other clothes, you can either overdressed it or underdressed it. That is, with the right amount of confidence, attitude and accessories an overall can be worn classically, to work and…



    I love summer: the sun, the heat, the ice creams, the beach, the clothes, the clear sky, the tan. I especially love summer clothes. The colors and the patterns are always so beautiful and bright. Summer is almost here and you all should get your summer shopping going. The first thing on your list should be clothes especially rompers. I love rompers. Whether they are tight or free, they are the best and make for wonderful summer wear. Pair them with the right accessories and you are good to go. Don’t forget, the minimal the accessories, the better. Same goes for your makeup.   Florals are the pattern of the…



    We all know we have some very hot, handsome guys in television series. in case you’ve forgotten, here is an appreciation post. brace yourselves, these guys are hmmm… We’ve got LUCAS TILL *cue clapping* JARED PADALECKI!! JENSEN ACKLES!!! MISHA COLLINS AMELL JENSEN, JARED AND MISHA BEN FELDMAN MISHA LUCAS THAT’S IT FOR THE APPRECIATION POSTS EVERYONE!!! *jazzhands*