Breakups are the absolute worst especially if you actually love the guy. The heartache and the sadness that overcomes you is not fun at all. What’s worst than going through the break up yourself is seeing your best friend, someone you love, go through it. So make sure to at least spend a day with them or have a sleep over so as to get your friend through the break up. Remember, it’s not gonna be easy, there would be lots of tears.

Anyways… This is my care package for when your best friend gets dumped.

First in the care bag is assorted chocolates, bring loads of it. It is scientific proven that chocolate can actually help when someone is sad. So get your hands on all the chocolates humanly possible for you to get, you don’t want to be out of them. Also, be prepared for the tears and chocolate hands mixture because thing can get pretty messy, pretty quickly when crying and eating chocolates.

Second thing to bring along is Tissues, lots and lots of tissues. Like I said, there would be lots of tears.

Movies help during break ups so bring enough movies both comedy, romantic and sad ones like Mamma Mia, John Tucker must die and Girls Trip. You should also make a break up playlist which should definitely be filled with Taylor Swift, Adele and Marvin Gaye.

I heard a change of bedsheets also help with break ups so you can try that. Bring a change of sheets and help your friend lay the new sheets. Change is always good after breakups.

Shopping is also a good therapy for break ups, so let your girl go bananas online shopping. Let her get things she doesn’t need, she can always return them.

Animals are also good therapy for break ups because they are so cute and cuddly so take your girl to the nearest pet store and let her cuddle as many cute animals as she possibly can.

A new look is also good but remember to guide your friend so she doesn’t do something drastic that she’d regret later on. A new haircut, a new make up kit would do, then take loads of pictures and change your profile pictures, let the guy know she’s moved on and not waiting for him.

Everything that belongs to her ex should either be given to goodwill or given it to a mutual friend who would give it back to her ex. Make sure she doesn’t see the guy too early after the break up or else you gonna be doing all this over again. Even if she tells you she’s fine, she’s not.

Try this care package and tell if it works or not. Also remember that people go through break ups differently so don’t rush your best friend.

Comment what you’ve done to get over a bad breakup.


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