Bonnie and Tucker are a weird couple in this series. Bonnie is Tucker’s friend mum and their friendship is weird. They clash with each other but they also do crazy things together.

When Bonnie realized that she didn’t graduate high school because she missed an exam, guess who stayed on the ceiling of the classroom so has to pass the answers to her, you guessed right, it’s Tucker. When I tell you they have a fresh relationship, I wasn’t kidding around.

They’ve done so many crazy things together like pretending to be dating so as to make Tucker’s dad realize that dating a younger lady was crazy.

They also both gambled together against Danny, Bonnie’s son. I love their friendship so much, it’s funny and weird. They are the ones that do the craziest things together like pretending to be a father and nun so as to get a confession from someone.

There was the time Bonnie killed someone accidentally, she suffocated the man with her boobs while he was having an heart attack and she blamed it on Riley because she fell on the body. It was a crazy scene and I loved it.

My favorite part was when Bonnie had to pretend to be dead so she could get her apartment back from who she subleased it to. Why she didn’t just ask, I would never know, instead she pretended to be dead, got herself into a coffin and Tucker said the eulogy, “We’re gathered here today to remember a life, a woman who loved, well, herself for one thing. So in conclusion, I just want to say *cue the elaborate tears*, I’m sorry guys it’s just *cue more tears*, so many emotions” That’s his eulogy to Bonnie. He then pours breath drops into his eyes thinking they were eye drops.

Bonnie sneezes in the coffin and tucker also fakes sneeze to cover up. “So rest in peace” Tucker said closing the casket and Bonnie opens it back because she’s claustrophobic, hitting tucker in the head in the process. He staggers everywhere destroying the whole set while also saying goodbye to Mrs. Wheeler. He finally forced the casket to close, “And that’s it, we made it. Thank you for coming out.”

I love that Tucker was the one that officiated Bonnie’s wedding. They have a very weird relationship. If for no other reason, you should watch the show this show because of Bonnie and Tucker. They wouldn’t disappoint, I promise.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, I could list so many other funny moments with them but it would become a very, very long post. Maybe I would do another post about them some other time, that would be cool, I think ?.

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