This is the story of Riley and Danny, a story where both of them have worn wedding gowns. It is a beautiful story that I do not envy at all because I don’t wish to be in a situation where I have to wait for over 20 years to finally be with the man I love. I don’t want to be caught up in a situation where the guy I love would be in love with my sister. It’s a crazy, heart breaking story to live through but it makes for compelling TV.

Danny is the boy who has been in love with the girl across the street all his life. Due to the fear that the girl might not like him back, he didn’t ask her out or say anything which in a way was a blessing because years after, still in love with the girl, he found out that she has been in love with his brother all her life *cue the heartbreak ?*.

Riley is the fat girl across the street who had body image issue and had only one friend, Danny. She didn’t know how Danny felt about her because she was busy nursing her crush on Ben, the brother, thinking of how many children she would have with him (two boys and two girls). She got to know that Danny loved her through a voicemail she received by mistake from Danny, whose butt had dialed her number while he was talking to his mum, who then accidentally sent the message. Rather than telling Danny she got the message, she deleted it and pretended to not have heard it. Danny thought she never got it because his mum ‘accidentally’ dropped Riley’s phone in a cup of water trying to spoil it. Thanks to her boyfriend, Riley’s phone got fixed and that’s when she heard the message.

Everything goes back to normal between them, Riley finally got to date Ben twice because things didn’t work out the first time. After the second breakup with Ben, she dated other guys while Danny dated his shrink, who broke up with him because she realized he was still in love with Riley. Danny then started dating half of Manhattan.

Time has passed and they are still friends. Riley introduced Danny to a coworker, they started dating, that’s when Riley realized that she has feelings for Danny * cue her heartbreak ?*. Not wanting to bottle up her feelings, Riley told Danny she loves him also blurting out that she knows Danny loves her too because she got his voicemail from that time. Danny got angry and gets back together with the coworker he had broken up with earlier. Riley was sad.

Weeks passed, Riley started dating her boss, old man Ross, while Danny was dating the grand daughter of his dead neighbor. More weeks passed and now Riley and Danny are single but Ben wants Riley back. To shut his constant talk about getting back together with Riley because it was getting on everyone’s nerves, Danny blurts out that he is in love with Riley and that Riley is on love with him causing Ben to be angry and sad.

Rather than running into Riley’s very single arms, he respects Ben’s feeling and doesn’t do anything which leads to Ben helping them become a couple which didn’t go well at first but later works when he tries again during his mother’s second wedding ceremony.

Everything goes great between them until Riley breaks up with Danny because he lied to her. Two months after they got back together and then Riley gets knocked up.

Danny wants to marry Riley before the baby arrives but Riley wants to wait until after delivering the baby, it eventually leads to a fight with Riley feeling sorry and marries Danny in their living room. The son comes months after and Danny finally got the family he has always wanted with Riley. They live happily ever after.



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