I have never cried so much in a single series episode much less a pilot episode but that all changed. A million little things took me on an emotional rollercoaster. I was a wreck when I finished watching that episode. I haven’t gotten to know the character, John yet but here I am crying over his death. You know, when they first showed him in his office closing a deal, I thought, “He seems like the happy one, the one that would make everyone a little happier and comforted when they find out a friend of theirs is dead.” But lo and behold, that wasn’t the case. You can imagine my shock when they panned out and showed his secretary walking into his office only for us to be shown that he had freaking jumped . I genuinely wasn’t expecting that. When he was closing that deal on the phone saying if he hangs up, they would never discuss it again, I didn’t know he meant it literally. I don’t watch thrillers or read news about a show before watching, I just read the synopsis of the show and watch the first episode if it’s interesting and I go from there. Now I don’t know if everyone knew that John was the one dying but I didn’t know that, so try and imagine my shock.


I know we just started this season but this episode alone emphasized on what I already know and that is we should watch out for people around us, that is, family and friends. Just because they seem to have it all doesn’t mean they actually have it all. Everyone asks for help differently and so we should make sure we are in tune with the little changes we see in our loved ones, we shouldn’t just brush it off because sometimes, it might mean nothing while at other times, it could be a beginning of a spiral slope down depression. depression is a very serious illness and I am wondering how the show is going to tackle that.

Who else thinks that they is going to be loads of drama this season especially concerning Eddie and Delilah, Jon’s wife? I did not see them having an affair coming. I knew he was dating someone behind his wife but to think it was Delilah, I mean, he freaking gave Jon’s eulogy at his burial, that is so wrong and messed up. I wonder how the friends are going to react to that when they find out. They know he is in love with someone else because he said so but what would they do when they find out it’s with Jon’s wife? To make matters worse, he went to the cheating widows house on the day of the funeral to tell her he misses her after sending her a text that he misses her and loves her. He should at least let her mourn, and to think Jon called him just before he jumped but Eddie was to busy with Jon’s wife, he didn’t pick up. Anyways, I see drama there and I can’t wait to dive into that. I also see drama brewing with that Jon’s assistant, Ashley, I wonder what her deal is? Why did she hide what John wrote, maybe she was having an affair with him or maybe he wrote that he knew about Eddie and his wife and the girl didn’t want it out? he could even have had secrets on his own. I wanna see what that story is all about.

The therapist’s, Maggie, story is another part of the show I wanna see unfold, does she go back for chemotherapy since her cancer is back or does she decides to live her life to the fullest and die. I also wonder if Gary’s cancer is back as well. I know another drama is going to come up between Regina and Rome, they are not perfect and I can’t wait for that to come to light. I wanna know what Katherine’s deal is, I’m sure there is more to her than the whole workaholic, mean demur. Anyways, I love TV drama and I wanna see how these series’ drama unfolds.

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