This series just got so much cooler. I love the drama. Third episode in and It’s Gary’s birthday and guess what he hit as a birthday gift: finding out Eddie and Delilah were smooch buddies. Crazy right? I know. Delilah and Eddie’s drama just came to light and I think Jon’s secretary is stealing Jon’s money. You think I’m right, right? I knew it. Back to the drama of the episode, the guys and Eddie’s wife, Katherine, now know that Eddie and Delilah were sleeping with each other. The girls found out later which didn’t bring as much reaction as it did when the guys first knew.

I know Katherine wasn’t really into the whole Jon burial thing but she didn’t deserve to be cheated on. No one deserves that, it’s heartbreaking and hurtful. I didn’t think they would bring the affair thing to light so early in the season, I thought it would be later on and now it’s got me wondering what the drama for the rest of the season would be all about. I must say, I am happy the affair was revealed so early, it was drama but it would have been crazy for them to prolong it, there was nothing special about it especially when they’ve let us know that it’s over and that Jon knew about it. It’s only logical for the group to know too. Gary was so angry which is understandable, Kath was hurt and even went to see Delilah, Gina is disappointed, the therapist is trying not to judge since she just met them and Rome is pissed but not as much as Gary.

I think Ed would be happy he didn’t do the father-daughter dance with Jon’s daughter in the previous episode. If he had and then this came out, Gary would have had his head in a rotten platter just because a silver platter would have been so nice. I know Ed thinks Jon killed himself because of that but it would have been so stupid. He could have just left Delilah, he is the rich, working one of the two, he’d have won custody of the children and moved on. Kath was cheated on but you don’t see her throwing herself of a building. I think there is more to Jon than we know, he is not be as perfect as he seems to be. Rome was right, it wasn’t one thing that killed Jon, it was a million little things. I’d be very surprised if the secretary doesn’t know why he jumped. She’s up to something but what? Not much as been revealed concerning her. Do you think she is trying to steal his money like I said earlier or do you think Jon left a will and she’s in it and she’s trying to take what he left her quickly or maybe he didn’t leave anything for her and so she’s rewriting the will to include herself? So many questions I am eager to find answers to.

You know when Ed called Jon’s phone and Delilah picked up, I thought for a second he was gonna say. “I love you” before they hung up. I would have been so disgusted because that would be so wrong on many levels. I’m happy he didn’t though. I’m also happy he got slapped by Katherine when she asked if he loved Delilah. the guy could have lied and said ‘No’. He’s been lying for months or weeks, what was one more. Does he think he’s gonna end up with Delilah still? He’s a very bold guy I have to say, he even showed up at Gary’s birthday gift, like, he didn’t go into hiding, very bold. Gary going to see Delilah was something I appreciated, he was disappointed and angry at her but not as much as he was at Eddie mostly because Ed was Jon’s friend. Even if Delilah was gonna cheat on her husband, should it have been you and you even had the guts to tell them that you were in love with this woman.

I can’t wait for next weeks episode. I’m eager.





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